Patricia Morena and EBOOST: Like Peas and Carrots!

11 April 2011

Being in a room with Patricia Moreno is what it must be like to be inside a packet of EBOOST: bubbly, effervescent and ready to explode with joyful energy. OK, maybe we got carried away. But Patricia--creator of the wildly popular fitness program IntenSati--is as inspiring and motivational as it gets. And she just so happens to be a big fan of EBOOST... and just had a baby five months ago, which you would NEVER know by looking at her rock-hard abs. Patricia Moreno Intensati EBOOST healthy energy drink mix If you're a New Yorker and haven't visited her IntenSati I class at Equinox, you should pay a visit. It's as much a kick-ass work out for the bod as it is for your attitude. You leave feeling full of positive energy and positively sweaty. Patricia just announced a brand new class called BodySoulSati at Equinox Greenwich Ave. on Tuesdays at 9am, and Equinox Columbus Ave. at 60th St on Saturdays at 9am. Be sure to check it out. If you're not a New Yorker, not to fear. Patricia's The IntenSati Method book and DVD are both on sale at Don't forget your EBOOST before every IntenSati workout. IntenSati & peas and carrots. (For a full schedule of IntenSati classes, click here.)