Booster of the Week: Sugarrays Owner Bob McAdam

07 April 2011

Bob McAdam Sugarrays EBOOST healthy energy drink mixAt Sugarrays, Vancouver's biggest full-time boxing gym, members go big or go home. But when one boxer experienced agonizing muscle cramps and was sent to the hospital, owner Bob McAdam gave the boxer EBOOST on the way. Here's his incredible first-hand account of what happened next.
Huge thanks from Sugarrays! We had a new potential member suffer from really serious cramp right thru his upper body on a trial workout – He had to go to hospital as it was very distressing both arms locked tight to his chest and in agony, really bad. I was a first aid instructor in the Fire Service and recognised that it was most probably severe cramp so I gave him EBOOST, by the time he got to hospital the symptoms started to ease and the doctors decided that was the best possible course of action and he returned the next day and joined the club! Thanks so much once again to the EBOOST Team. Kind regards, Bob Don’t forget, if you want to become one of our Boosters of the Week, share your story & photo with us at