Freya Grant: Poet and Booster of the Week

04 March 2011

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An Ode to EBOOST

by Freya Grant
How do I EBOOST? Let me count the ways: Before my concrete-covered walk to work on a snow-filled, icy day or a sweat-inducing summer schlep During the mind games I play to convince myself to hit the gym, all the while dreaming of a hollandaise-covered breakfast While reminiscing with my gals on the champagne-fuelled moments of the night before and regretting that last cocktail Over jazz brunch at a New Orleans diner or in combination with a black coffee at a Soho hotspot Before a night out in the sparkling city to prepare for the agony of wearing designer shoes On my birthday. On my work day. On every day. Sometimes twice a day. So many ways…So much love.