The Elisa Monte Dance Junior Gala

03 March 2011

It's no secret that EBOOST powers athletes and dancers all over the world. One top performer even had us ship cases to her so that she and her "sticky and sweet" dancers could BOOST on her world tour! So it should come as no surprise that we're sponsoring the Elisa Monte Dance Junior Gala tomorrow night. Elisa Monte Dance Junior Gala EBOOST healthy energy drink mix Elisa Monte Dance is an acclaimed Manhattan-based dance company founded in 1981, by exposing a younger generation to contemporary dance and enlisting new patrons to carry the company into the future. Funds raised at the Gala are used to support the creation and production of new works by young choreographers within the company. Attendees will receive free samples in their gift bags, and they'll also be able to try our signature cocktail (Pink Lemonade EBOOST, vodka and soda). Pictures to follow!