Booster of the Week: ASU Graduate Betsy Woulard

25 February 2011

Booster of the Week Betsy Woulard EBOOST healthy energy drink mixThis week’s Booster of the Week is Arizona State University grad Betsy Woulard. When she first encountered EBOOST, it was love at first sight! Since that first discovery, Betsy used EBOOST to power through her second half of college. Her favorite Orange EBOOST packets kept her busy college life healthy and allowed her to stay active. Here’s Betsy’s story:
"Hello, my name is Betsy and I am a recent college graduate from Arizona State University. I am constantly on the go. When my life gets a little too hectic and I find myself exhausted, there is only one thing I turn to: EBOOST! I have been an avid user of EBOOST for the past two years and I wish I would have discovered  EBOOST in my first year of college. EBOOST helps me maintain energy and focus while studying and taking tests, and helps me feel great throughout the rest of the day. I love the taste, especially of the orange EBOOST, I love the feeling EBOOST provides, I also love the energy and most of all the fact that it is only 5 calories! I am not a person to turn to coffee or energy drinks when in a slump. Therefore, EBOOST is a perfect fit for me! I love EBOOST and have permanently made it a part of my morning routine."
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