Working Mother Recommends EBOOST for Multi-Tasking Moms

23 February 2011

Working Mother EBOOST healthy energy is the online compliment to Working Mother magazine and it's the place where career-focused moms find and share solutions to balance work and life. So it's no surprise that they're fans of EBOOST. After all, how else can a busy mom keep up with work and family without collapsing mid-week?  
"As a multi-tasking mom, you're constantly running around from work to home, ballet recital to review meetings, and from grocery shopping to soccer games. It's no wonder that by mid-week you're completely worn out and wishing the weekend would come sooner. You need energy to get through the rest of your week and your busy schedule, but there aren't enough hours in a day for the amount of sleep that could carry you through these activities (and let's face it, if given a choice, you'd opt for 12 hours of sleep). Sure, with the surplus of energy bars and drinks out in the market, you could easily pick one of these products to pump some energy into you, but there are tons of research that shows the side effects and aftermath of these items, like feeling even more sleepy, tired and groggy after the initial kick-in wears off. (Totally not worth it!) So go the safe route and stick with EBOOST Energy Boosters (starting at $15, that give you a jolt of energy the natural way-- and without the consequence of a heavy crash. Void of sugar and artificial ingredients, the EBOOST mixtures and tablets contain vitamins that help us concentrate and feel energetically enhanced. Furthermore, it can actually help to support your immune system to combat colds and sicknesses with a wide range of essential ingredients, including potassium, zinc, Vitamins B12 and B6 and more. Consider it a two-in-one drink that'll give you the energy you need to be the superhero multi-tasking mom that you really are."
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