Meet Dave Goede: Strongman and Booster of the Week

19 February 2011

Even tough guys drink pink. Just ask our Booster of the Week, Dave Goede. He's a strongman competitor who's powered by our delicious 5-calorie Pink Lemonade EBOOST packets. David Goede, Booster of the Week, EBOOST healthy energy drink mix
"My name's Dave and I'm from Brimfield, Ohio. I am currently training for upcoming fitness and strongman competitions! Training 2x a day, with some workouts at 5:30am, EBOOST has become a staple in the gym, at home and in the car on those early AM drives to the gym. Tire flips, log presses, rope swings and the prowler all require a ridiculous amount of energy, focus and stamina. Needless to say, I couldn’t get by without my daily EBOOST. The pink lemonade with 1g of carbs, keeps my diet in check while giving the extra energy I need to take it to the next level! Thanks EBOOST! Lets go for 1st place!"
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