Booster of the Week, Law Student Dan Floros

11 February 2011

No rest? No worries! This week's Booster of the Week, Dan Floros, reveals his secret for success in law school. Endless case studies and long nights are no obstacles for this law student when he has his EBOOST. Now that he's won a free box of his favorite flavor, Dan has the natural energy necessary to allow him to focus on his studies and career. Booster of the Week Dan Floros EBOOST healthy energy drink mix
"Law school is tough. Long hours, tons of work, and no rest for the weary. With the pressure I deal with every day, I don't need an energy drink that gives me shaky hands and a sugar-crash. An EBOOST powder in the water bottle keeps me focused during classes with a nice, steady energy. For late nights in the library, an EBOOST shot keeps me in high gear for the final stretch."
EBOOST Super Berry Shot and peppermint tea healthy energgy drink mix Looks like Dan could have a second career as a mixologist. His favorite EBOOST recipe? One EBOOST Super Berry Shot topped up with peppermint tea. We'll call it a Peppermint Floros. Thanks, Dan!