This Week's Booster of the Week: Cindy Coulter

04 February 2011

If you've never done Zumba, you're missing out on one majorly fun, super exhausting workout. But with EBOOST's Natural Energy + Vitamins, this week's Booster of the Week, Cindy Coulter, can teach 10 Cardio Zumba classes every week and never miss a beat. Booster of the Week Cindy Coulter EBOOST healthy energy drink mix
"I am a fitness instructor in Santa Fe, NM, teaching 9-10 classes a week, and have been a BOOSTer for over a year now. My classes are 90% cardio, and require a tremendous amount of energy. When in front of 50 people, I've got to smile and pump them up no matter how tired I might be. I couldn't get by without my daily BOOST---somedays I splurge and have two! I started out with orange, but have expanded to include the new acai blend, LOVE the flavor. I have 3 things that go in my gym bag: my music, my dance shoes and my BOOST!"
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