Another EBOOST Convert!

22 January 2011

We received a testimonial recently from Lori in Washington. Sounds like she's experienced the power of the BOOST!
Wow!  Received the EBOOST samples and absolutely loved them!! Thank you so much! I think Pink Lemonade is my favorite flavor, the shot is my favorite for effectiveness. I took the shot yesterday and thought it tasted a little bitter but then realized oh,it's a shot just "get er done." I liked the description on the side of the bottle that stated something to the effect that chemists load products with caffeine where as your product is loaded with actual vitamins and minerals for good health. I previewed the list of ingredients and wow, you really packed it in there! I couldn't believe how good I felt! I had good mental focus, didn't feel sleepy and I wasn't dragging after teaching a day at school, I didn't have that "crash" and I wasn't even hungry most of the day. It was just a balanced sort of energy that didn't upset my stomach and didn't make me feel hungry. I don't know if one of the ingredients is an appetite suppressant, but I wasn't craving chocolate or starving at all after taking the shot at 10:00 in the a.m. I think your products are great, they taste great, they work and they satisfy that "fizz" craving. It's so nice to find a product that is natural and effective and made from good pure ingredients. There was no artificial sweetener after-taste either. Thank you, I hate that when it just seems to be soaked into your tongue and you can't rid of it. - blahh! I thought to myself that you must've sent me premium samples just to get me hooked :-) I really was impressed, I'm not just saying nice things, this is my honest response!