Review Roundup

21 December 2010

Word is spreading fast; EBOOST is the hippest, healthiest energy drink out there! But don't take our word for it: read some of the reviews from this month.

Shane's Hoard EBOOST healthy energy drink

I sniff at the Acai-Pomegranate concoction now in my bottle. It smells pretty good, like a vitamin water. The smell isn't too overpowering but I know it's there. I take a sip of it. It tastes like flattened carbonated Jones soda. It's still pretty damn good though. I can definitely see myself drinking it once a day for no reason at all other than it tastes good. The energy boost is pretty good but nothing that gives me the jitters. I definitely think it's a good alternative to coffee as it's healthier but it doesn't give you the same kick. There's caffeine from green tea extract which is better as it didn't make me feel tired after 10 minutes. Caffeine does that to me sometimes. But this stuff didn't. It has a lot of vitamins too, more than your daily dose needed. But you don't taste any of them at all. Just a nice fruit drink that gives you some energy. I would suggest you try some out for yourself. So far I've had the orange and the acai-pomegranate. Both are superb. The orange tastes like orange gatorade almost.

Tots to Teens EBOOST healthy energy drink

Is this is the third time this week you were woken up in the middle of the night because your/my little one (we won’t mention names) was having night mares? We have all been there and it’s not fun. Here is your lifeline for those days–trust me on this one. Forget the coffee– all you need is a bottle of water and this little packet of EBOOST. EBOOST (write it down now) is a packet of rocket fuel that will not only wake you up but will also provide you with all of the vitamins you need to keep you healthy.

GrubLife EBOOST healthy energy drink

As finals week continues and we settle into our winter breaks, some of us cannot rest easy. Many of us have internships to attend while still trying to party just as much. What’s the solution? Partying less? Absolutely not, never an option. Instead, takeEBOOST. EBOOST is basically a mix of Airborne and 5-hour energy drinks, the perfect combination for any college student.

I Heart Giveaways EBOOST healthy energy drink

All three of the Daily Health Boosters dissolved quickly and left no residue in the bottom of my glass. They each went down smoothly and left no aftertaste. You can instantly feel the surge of vitamins and these products definitely offer you a great boost of natural feeling energy. As I mentioned, my favorite product was the Super Berry Liquid Shot. This little bottle is best kept refrigerated and for the past week I have been drinking these great tasting natural energy shots as part of my morning routine. The Super Berry flavor tastes great and like the other EBOOST products goes down easily and offers a little pleasant and fruity aftertaste. The energy I have received from these products is great and I have peace of mind knowing that the energy is all natural and comes from natural sources and vitamins.

Gear Culture EBOOST healthy energy drink

With the current state of our economy and the never-ending waves of cutbacks at work, fumbling at the office isn’t an option. Improve your concentration and productivity with the Eboost Daily Health Booster.

Cult Beauty EBOOST healthy energy drink

These deliciously fruity health Eboost supplements contain Vitamin C, acai and pomegranate extracts and other antioxidants to keep you fizzing with energy and focus. Because all the active ingredients are completely soluble, they can be rapidly absorbed into your system. The sachets are perfectly portable meaning you can keep your energy levels topped up when you’re on the go without having to resort to sugary energy drinks or coffee. And it’s only five calories a serving! Eboost Acai Pomegranate Sachetsis a natural, healthy antidote to the deficit modern life leaves on your energy banks. Brad Pitt, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Oprah, January Jones and Heidi Klum are among the many A-list fans of the soluble powder, which is packed with vitamins C and B-12 and anti-oxidants like Green Tea and grape seed extract to improve the four vital elements of performance – energy, health, recovery and focus.