Beauty Stat: EBOOST Helps With Eighty-Hour Work Weeks

16 November 2010

  Online beauty community Beauty Stat reviewed our new Super Berry Shot today. Their verdict? Perfect for all-nighters and eight-hour work weeks.
To test the effects of this newest creation, EBOOST invited the writers and editors of NYC to try the Super Berry shot and then participate in one of Equinox’s group classes; I opted for modern dance. A quick word about Equinox: I’ve always gravitated more towards McDonald’s than McGyms, but atmosphere was restful, the staff friendly, and the class challenging without being frightening. The berry shot carried me through the class and my weeknight evening slump, but how would the shot weather the night? I worried briefly about staying up all night, then promptly fell asleep. Question answered.
Beauty Stat EBOOST Healthy Energy Drink