Duane Reade EBOOST Healthy Energy Drink If you live in NYC, you may have noticed an amazing addition to your local Duane Reade store. Yes, that's right: there's a new place to get your BOOST! 20 Duane Reade stores in NYC are running a test program, carrying all EBOOST powders and the new Superberry Shot. If you like the convenience of popping into your local drugstore to stock up, let Duane Reade know that you want it to continue. As an added bonus, take a photo of yourself with your EBOOST at a Duane Reade checkout counter and post it to our Facebook page. To say thanks, we'll send you a special edition Amar'e Stoudemire EBOOST t-shirt!

Amar'e Stoudemire EBOOST Healthy Energy Drink

You can buy EBOOST at the following Duane Reade locations:
  • Brooklyn S: 436 86th St at 4th Ave
  • Financial District: 95 Wall St at Water St
  • Midtown NE: 866 3rd Ave at 53rd St
  • Midtown NE: 535 5th Ave at 44th/45th St
  • Midtown NE: 1150 6th Ave at 44th/45th St
  • Midtown NE: 41 E 58th St at Madison/Park
  • Midtown SE: 401 Park Ave S at 28th St
  • Midtown SE: 71 W 23rd St off 6th Ave
  • Midtown SW: 460 8th Ave (1 Penn West) at 34th St/8th Ave
  • Midtown SW: 661 8th Ave at 42nd St
  • Midtown SW: 1350 Broadway at W 35th
  • Midtown SW: 1627 Broadway at 50th St
  • Queens N: 2856-2860 Steinway St at 30th Ave
  • Upper West Side: 1370 Ave of the Americas at 56th St
  • Villages: 378 6th Ave at Waverly Place
  • Villages: 127-137 8th Ave at W 16th
  • Villages: 315 W 23rd St at 8th Ave
  • Villages: 52 E 14th St at Union Square
  • Upper West Side: 325 Columbus Ave at W75th
  • 939 3rd Ave at 56th St
So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Duane Reade and get your BOOST on!