We're always looking for ways to spread the word about how EBOOST improves your energy, supports health, recovery and focus, and there's no better way than to let people try it for themselves. So from time to time, we show up at gyms and events with a supply of our fizzy elixir and a basket of sample packets to give away. This month, we're focusing on New York. If you're in the Big Apple in June, you're in luck. Just show up at one of these places and grab your goodies:
  • Equinox on 63rd June 8 and 29 from 6 - 8:30pm EBOOST tasting, free sample packets and free same-day gym use
  • Equinox at 12th June 12, 19 and 26 from 10am - 1pm EBOOST tasting and free sample packets
If you're planning on making use of the free gym pass offered by Equinox on 63rd St, make sure you go to our facebook page and RSVP, or contact Equinox directly and let them know you'll be there. The pass is only valid for the days of the sampling events so don't miss out. How often do you get a chance for a great workout and a great recovery . . . all for free!