Starbucks or EBOOST? One Blogger Decides

02 June 2010

Is your morning latte becoming a need instead of a want? That's the position one blogger found herself in recently. Her solution? EBOOST, of course.
Beauty and the Feast EBOOST Healthy Energy Drink Recently, I had gotten to a scary-ish point in my work week that I had up until this point been able to avoid throughout college and four years in NY. I was unable to function without my morning cup of coffee. I would pride myself on following my rule of drinking lattes only for pleasure, during the weekend or in good company. Never because I needed it. That went out the window a few months ago when I was working days in the office and nights on the blog (hey, someone’s gotta do it). It’s weird how I think coffee starts to taste different when it’s a need and no longer a want. I needed to break out of the cycle and sleep-a-thons were not happening soon. It was no sooner that I found I received a package to try: EBOOST, a powder nutrition supplement infused with Green tea extract, vitamin B12 for energy; and vitamin C, zinc and selenium for health support. It fizzes when you add it to your water and has only a light, non-intrusive flavor (at least that’s true for the orange and pink lemonade ones that I tried). The first time I took it, I really felt like I could focus more and felt more awake. I didn’t feel as excited about it the second time I tried it, still feeling like I was falling into a coma that even a vitamin-packed drink couldn’t revive me from. But after only a few days continuing with this, I no longer craved my coffee. It was a welcomed side effect that I didn’t consciously realize would replace my morning cups of java. It also saved me some nice pocket change — whereas a tall cup of Starbucks’ white chocolate mocha costs me almost $5, one packet of E Boost evens out to only $0.85 ($28 for a pack of $24). It does contain caffeine by way of the green tea extract, but significantly less — kinda like a Nicorette patch for the caffeine addict.