Busy Working Mama Reviews EBOOST

24 May 2010

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EBOOST Daily Health Booster Review

I know it is good for me, but I dislike drinking water.  I have to force myself to chug a big old glass in the mornings and at night.  During the work day I typically drink hot tea and diet soda (only one a day, I promise!).  I recently had the opportunity to review EBOOST's daily health booster. EBOOST is a flavored effervescent vitamin supplement that comes in powder or tablet form.  You can mix it into a glass or bottle of water to increase your energy levels, aid in recovery and electrolyte replacement and boost focus and performance. EBOOST ingredients include: EBOOST contains naturally occurring caffeine equivalent to about a cup off coffee.  Typically I try to hit the gym over lunch for a quick work out, then come back to work.  Instead of my normal can of Diet Coke, I have been drinking a glass of EBOOST.  It is refreshing and has helped me to completely kick my soda habit!  EBOOST sent me the pink lemonade and natural orange packets to review and I enjoy they both.  They also carry an acai pomegranate that I may have to order and try out (drats, it is sold out right now!).  You can also follows EBOOST on Facebook or twitter to stay up to date on their events and promotions. You can purchase EBOOST online directly from their website.  You get free shipping with every EBOOSTER subscription.  If it keeps me off the diet cola, I may just have to consider it!  Better yet, you can use "SHIPALEK" as a code to get free shipping on your order, no matter how large or small!