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Fitness Spice EBOOST Popsicles

Spring Fever

Joanna Sutter Fitness Spice EBOOST Popsicles I have Spring Fever. No, really. I’m sick. How do I know when I’m sick:
  • My first drink of the day is hot tea and not coffee.
  • I actually skip the gym.
  • I sleep in until 6:00 a.m.
  • I forget to add protein powder to my protein shake and wonder why it just doesn’t taste right (huh, Carrie?)
  • I complain. A lot.
  • I call my mom.
You know that feeling when your body aches and you feel like there are sharp daggers in your throat? That’s me. Right here. Right now. You know what’s making me feel better? EBOOST popsicles. EBOOST is an effervescent powder packed full of vitamins (like C!), minerals, and green tea extract. I normally drink this stuff even on days I’m feeling well as it gives me a gentle boost of energy, it keeps me hydrated, and it’s like taking a vitamin without having to swallow a pill. You’re probably wondering how I made these vitamin popsicles. This is tricky…you might want to take notes. I mixed orange EBOOST with water, poured it into popsicle molds, and popped them in the freezer. I tell you what, these suckers are refreshing and are helping my throat feel so much better. Not only that, I found a great less than 5 calorie treat to spring me into Summer! Now I really must go boost myself up and get ready for a Spring Fever-free day!