Harlequin Candy Wants You to be BOOSTful

12 May 2010

Art, fashion and culture blog Harlequin Candy is our newest fan. Check out their full article here.
Harlequin Candy EBOOST Looking for the perfect pick me up to start the day off right? Or maybe just that extra kick in the pants to help get leveled or balanced... EBOOST is the answer. EBOOST is fuel for today! Powder packet or tablet... this all natural, daily health booster provides a quick fix, fizz or surge to the four vital elements of performance: energy, health, recovery, and focus by boosting the system with Vitamin C, B6, and B12, Zinc, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Potassium and many more. The mixture is proprietary and it works wonders. All you have to do is just add water and shake it, to make an amazing effervescent drink. The popularity and buzz of EBOOST is growing with a loyal following among the health-nut, as much as the "on-the-go" or trendsetter work, party and entertainment crowd. The product was built on viral marketing, product placement and some great partnerships. Why the support? It is good for you, it works and people like a good thing. EBOOST is specially formulated for those who wish to operate at full capacity despite busy lifestyles and demanding schedules. They turn EBOOST for that healthy competitive advantage. Not to mention the packaging is just simple and basic enough to make it cool. The look of a chemist concoction crossed with a German product, or something like that. It is intriguing and cool, and did I mention it tastes great too. The best parts about the product: All natural, electrolyte replacement, completely soluble and quick disintegration into your body, FDA regulated, good for jet lag, workout recovery, beating a hangover and great for your skin too! Yes, there are other packet products out there... but EBOOST takes the cake. It  offers more for your body and naturally. A quick pick me up with benefits. So where do you get it? eboost.com, W Hotels provide guests with complimentary packets for full recovery from the days activities, Lifetime FitnessEquinox FitnessGold's Gym, Capitol Drugs (West Hollywood), Diane Merrick, and Flight 001.