EBOOST Cocktails

26 February 2010

EBOOST Lure CocktailYou may have read this article from Thrillist about the new EBOOST margarita being served at Lure FishBar in New York. It contains all kinds of healthy juices like orange, clementine, nectarine and grapefruit, together with a shot of the new Acai-Pomegranate EBOOST. Plus premium tequila, which is only healthy in a sinus-clearing kind of way. Anyway, that got us thinking about other possibilities for EBOOST cocktails. We came up with these two. What can you come up with? Cranberry Surprise Mix one packet of orange EBOOST with 6oz cranberry juice and 4oz soda water. Add lime. EBOOST Palmer Mix one packet Pink Lemonade with 8oz iced tea and 2oz soda water. Add lemon.