EBOOST WorkoutAre you ready to kick your workout up a notch? Try the new EBOOST workout, and don't forget to leave a comment telling us your best time.

Here's how it works: Use a stopwatch to time yourself from beginning to end. Don't stop the clock ever; the timer should run from the moment you start the run until the moment you finish the last push-up. Note your time in a journal so you can track your progress from week to week. And no cheating! We may not be able to tell, but your wardrobe certainly will.

Perform the following exercises in order:

  • Run one mile as fast as you possibly can.
  • Push-Up Countdown: 10 reps, rest ten seconds; 9 reps, rest nine seconds; 8 reps, rest eight seconds; and so on, all the way to 1.
  • Pull-Ups: Use a wide grip and do 25 proper pull-ups. Women can use the weight-assisted machine.
  • Bicep Curls into Shoulder Press: 25 lb dumbells (men) or 10lb (women). Perform the "up" section of the bicep curl,move into a shoulder press, then return to the bicep curl position and perform the "down" section. This constitutes one rep.Use a fluid motion, rotating one arm at a time. 25 reps per arm/side.
  • Plank:  Hold for one minute, rest for 5 seconds; repeat for 3 total reps.

And your time is? EBOOST co-founder John McDonald managed 19 min 28 seconds. His trainer Andy Spear at Equinox Soho beat that time by a little over a minute. How did you do?