Bistro Broad gets a BOOST

20 January 2010

Bistro Broad EBOOST

Need a boost?

I am not a late-night partier. I have never been to a rave. But if I did, I'd tuck a few sleeves of EBoost into my pack before slapping on the Day-glow. I love discovering a new food product with verve. Coffee, as good as it is, was created so long ago (ditto wine, beer and pick-your-stimulant) it's low on wow power. So when I stumbled across this all-natural energy lifter yesterday I was ready. Looks hip and the orange packaging is cheerful. But its brilliance really shines when water comes into play. Frothing up into a creamsicle martini in two seconds, this Tang on steroids is hard to put down. A few sips in you feel as perky as Reese Witherspoon in Election. In a few hours you've accomplished so much, curious question will arise ... Why did I wave off that second cup of coffee? Why was I up all night? And why is this "lifestyle enhancer" targeted to jet-setters, drummers and system analysts? Green tea extract, potassium, zinc and enough Vitamin C to quell a Floridian are the main ingredients. So you see, it's all safe, all good and worth every nickel. I ordered up a slew online and have since discovered that some bloggers ( equate EBOOST to crack. I don't know about that, but this is one product worth throwing your Monavie (and maybe even your Grey Goose) away forever.