Bobocela Discovers the Power of EBOOST

11 January 2010

Bobocela EBOOST
Bobocela The Power of eBOOST! So seriously, this is the best stuff ever. Quick overview for you (from “eBoost is an orange flavored effervescent vitamin supplement that comes in powder or tablet form, which is then mixed into a glass or bottle of water to increase endurance levels, aid in recovery and electrolyte replacement, and boost focus and performance.” So, I am always quite skeptical of any product that claims to do what eBOOST does. I first found an orange packet in my Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out gift bag (really cool gift bag). Anyhoo, I decided to try the packet of orange stuff and I mixed it with some water and drank it. I didn’t notice anything at first but a half hour later I realized my mistake of taking it at 10PM … I had the most AMAZING energy boost. I loved the stuff I went to the eBOOST website and ordered a box. I got to try it out a couple weeks later on a plane trip. Normally when I travel I always get weird icky plane cough and sniffles from the air recirculating in the cabin and am so dreary for a couple of days after. This was NOT the case after taking an eBOOST. I was never a big fan of Airborne, it never quite did it for me … this stuff ROCKS though! Last, if you ever feel a cold coming on, start taking this stuff twice a day. You probably won’t get sick. It’s WONDERFUL!!! It actually comes in two flavors, orange & grapefruit and it tastes GREAT. I’ve never used the tablets, only the packets. A couple of pointers … Yes, the stuff is a little pricey but there is always a coupon code floating around the web for 30% off which makes this totally more worth it. There is a monthly option to auto purchase a box for you and you get free shipping with this. However, the 30% off coupon code will cover the price of the shipping. There are several stores you can purchase at although none near me … I’ve heard Borders might have it? I love this stuff and everyone who has tried it has said the same thing. Let me know what you think.