From the LA Examiner: Will EBOOST Dominate the Caffeinated Drinks Market?

20 August 2009

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Their website lists each packet as having as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, so we might gather it has around 100 or so milligrams of caffeine. And it does provide a very nice boost. While I was not flying around the room on the stuff, it was a good stand in for my morning cup of coffee. And as for the nutrition, Watch out. First, the caffeine is from Green Tea, so it has those lovely catechins to work as an antioxidant. This also has a ton of vitamin C and B, plus Zinc, selenium, copper, chromium and potassium for your electrolytes. The energy blend is full of stuff even I have never heard of (all natural, but still, if you could stump me with energy building ingredients, bully for you), such as 5-htp, huperzine-a, vinpocetine and astragalus root extract. And did you read where the pink grapefruit is sweetened with stevia? Overall, pretty impressive stuff. SO will this be the one to take over this sub-category? Well, if something as poor tasting and cheese-ball as 5 hour energy could dominate the shot category, this one would be refreshing to see dominate convenience store counters instead.