The B12 Pick-Me-Up

31 May 2009

Young Hollywood recommends EBOOST:
Young Hollywood


Written by Wes Ferguson Sunday, 27 September 2009 All the celebrities are downing it; if you want in on the latest Hollywood energy craze, open wide and drink up! Although other types of B-12 supplements have been popular with the celeb set for some time, there are drawbacks to those vitamin shots as they're injected via syringe. Foremost, there's the needle. If you don't like being poked, a B-12 pick me up at the doc's office is skin-piercingly faint-inducing and also rather expensive. EBOOST offers a pain-free alternative that comes in two yummy flavors, orange and pink lemonade. While it's been said before, it's worth repeating that all of the lifestyle products What's Hot features are tried, true and tested. If I don't personally use it; pass on to friends for approval and/or have a non-paid celebrity endorsement, then it doesn't go here. Rather than say nasty things about stuff I don't like, if it's not worth recommending, it just doesn't make the list. Any-rant, moving on...! No surprise, everyone on the YH staff and I.