The Hangover Helper

12 March 2009

From the Los Angeles Examiner:

e-boost, the hangover helper

March 12, 6:51 PMLower East Side Bars ExaminerAdrian Salonga There are some nights when drinks turn into a night of mayhem. Last night, I found myself murdering a corporate card until the wee hours with several projects due the next day. Everything done and I think I may even have a drink at dinner. My functionality and recovery was largely due to e-boost. Just drop the powder or tablet into a glass of water and drink up. The fizzy orange drink was vital in shaking off a potentially disastrous hangover. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals like zinc, potassium and B-12. More importantly, it contains green-tea extract for that natural energy, so you can avoid the extended beatdown on your stomach from the morning breakfast sandwich and last night’s street meat. For me, it feels like rehydration and revitalization: the nutrients get in your system and flush out the bad stuff. The product has a host of celeb followers and by the looks of where it sells, it’s a health booster for the jetset crowd. So when you’re popping bottles like the stars, you can recover like them too. To shake off that hangover or keep your life flowing smoothly, pick up eboost at all Ricky’s and Scoop locations, Blue Ribbon General Store in Boerum Hill and at W Hotels, Morgan’s and Gansevoort Properties.