Reviews EBOOST

08 October 2008 had great things to say about our favorite modern-day potion, EBOOST.

Bubbling Energy Potion

Mad scientists have been doing it for centuries: mix a strange powder with liquid, laugh manically as the concoction fizzes and sputters, and drink the potion down. What happens next varies from story to story: sometimes a crazed, alter-ego is created, sometimes body hair grows excessively, and sometimes super human strength is granted. Well, EBOOST won't give you super human powers, but it will fill you so full of energy you'll think it had (without the alter-ego or hairy side effects). Think Geek reviews EBOOST EBOOST is a brand new health supplement powder thingie. You mix a packet with water and the water turns into a delicious, effervescent, orange flavored (tastes like Tang), energy potion. In mere seconds, you'll have a fizzy, yummy drink loaded with vitamins, minerals, and loads of other stuff to support energy, recovery, and focus. EBOOST has been crafted to get all these healthful goodies absorbed into your body fast, too! And you know it's got to be good because: A) it passed our taste and efficacy test and 2) the name is in all CAPS. That's right, EBOOST is so good you'll want to yell its name. We do.