EcoStiletto Reviews EBOOST

20 August 2007

EcoStiletto just did a great review on their blog.

eBoost Energy Drink

August 20 2007 Drinkable Vitamins are all the rage, but we can do without the sugar and caffeine many brands add to the mix. Enter eBoost, which aims to support wellness and performance through a proprietary blend of B12, B6, vitamin C (a thousand milligrams), magnesium, zinc, potassium and amino acids. Oh, and something called 5-HTP, which purports to bring you “jitter-free mental clarity.” Don’t know about that, but we do like the energizing effect and tossed one back alongside a cuppa joe without getting the shakes. Plus, it’s a wee five calories and one gram of carbs—not that we’re counting. With cool orange packaging and placement at the W, Mondrian and Delano hotels, eBoost has that certain tralala factor that just blows the pulp off our plain Jane (organic) orange juice.