Daily Candy Wants you to Get Well Sooner

27 June 2007

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Get Well Sooner

EBoost Energy Powder Pssst. Yo. Did you get it? Six and a half grams, right? Heard this powder makes you feel invincible. Energized, vitalized. The word on the street: You want some EBoost. It’s a side project from publisher/restaurateur/jet-setter John McDonald, who was looking for an immune support — along the lines of Emergen-C or Berocca (a UK pharmacy fave) — with energy enhancing qualities. He ended up with effervescent powder packets and tablet tubes that turn a glass of water into a fizzy, orange-flavored wellness drink. The mixture of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients has zero sugars and no preservatives. It’s loaded with vitamin C, calcium, potassium, B6, and 41,667 percent of the recommended daily allowance of B12 (is that all?). Plus, it has fewer calories (five) and carbs (1 gram) than similar potions. (Models everywhere are cheering.) One taste will keep you healthier and a little sharper — without making you paranoid. Okay, maybe hooked. Available at Ricky’s NYC, 44 East 8th Street, at Greene Street (212-254-5247); 332 West 57th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues (212-247-8010); 1380 Third Avenue, at 79th Street (212-737-7723); online at eboost.com.