Los Angeles Times Reviews EBOOST

06 June 2007

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The cool thing about EBoost

Los Angeles Times reviews EBOOST By Melissa Magsaysay, Times Staff Writer June 6, 2007 When Americans discovered the vitamin supplement Berocca, it was strictly de rigueur for a certain young jet-setting crowd. Contraband (of a sort), it could be purchased only in Europe and carried with it its own worldly cachet. Of course it helped too that it had the buzz as being a quick-fix hangover cure. The only thing close to it on these shores was Airborne for immunity and Emergen-C for a jolt of vitamins. Hardly prescriptions for chic. Now, with the arrival of homegrown EBoost, you don't have to hit a London pharmacy for your daily dose of prophylactic hipness. The just-add-water supplement effervesces into a Tang-like cocktail that is said to increase energy, support your immune system and increase mental alertness, and for anyone who finds a late-night party blurring into a morning meeting, it just might do the trick.